**SPOILERS** Detailed ECW/SCI-FI Results

Tazz and Joey came out to ringside. They're starting really early. Most of the people still coming into MSG.

Heyman comes out with his cops and nails a fantastic heel promo. Paul E. was cheered at the beginning and turned them huge. Big heat. Great promo. Sabu comes out, gets through the cops, tackles Heyman. Cops jump Sabu. Heyman announces Sabu vs Big Show for the title, Extreme Rules, tonight!

RVD beat Hardcore Holly via DQ when Test, Mike Knox, Stevie Richards attack Van Dam. Sandman and Dreamer make the save. Heels all get caned. Sandman canes Stevie, Dreamer hits DDT, RVD hits 5 Star Frog Splash.

CM Punk beat Shannon Moore. Punk very, very over. Good match. Looked really stiff. CM Punk chants in effect.

In the back, Kelly Kelly comes onto Punk, but is dragged away by Mike Knox. So, Heyman gets to program the best from OVW against the best from DSW. I like Heyman's thinking in this.

Rene Dupree defeated Balls Mahoney after Kevin Thorn & Ariel got involved. Ariel has cut her hair and looks like 50's pinup Betty Page.

ECW World Champion Big Show pinned Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match. Heyman and the cops at ringside. Excellent match. Slow, but hard hitting, excellent, with big crowd heat. A lot of the crowd had gotten to their seats for this one. And it was really heated. 3 broken tables, some cool chair spots. Heyman animated as hell at ringside. Sabu was excellent selling for Big Show. A really good title match.

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