**SPOILERS** ECW On SCI Results For Next Week

Special thanks to Billy Krotchsen and PWInsider for the following report:

*Backstage, Paul Heyman welcomed WWE World champion King Booker and Sharmell this week to ECW.

*Sabu & Tommy Dreamer & Sandman defeated Matt Striker & Mike Knox & Test, DQ when Test shoved the referee. The brawl continues until Sandman starts caning everyone, but he doesn't get his hands on Striker.

*Backstage, Paul Heyman introduces Booker and Sharmell to ECW stars. They meet Stevie Richards and Christopher W. Anderson. They meet Balls Mahoney and are grossed out by him.

*Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) pinned Balls Mahoney (with Francine). Ariel tripped Balls, which led to a catfight. Mahoney was distracted and caught by Thorn with the Razor's Edge.

*Backstage, King Booker and Sharmell meet The FBI (with the returning Trinity) and then CM Punk. Punk says that perhaps one day they'll wrestle for the WWE World title.

*CM Punk defeats Shannon Moore. Kelly Kelly was watching from the entranceway, but Mike Knox made her leave.

*Backstage, Rob Van Dam challenges Booker T to a match tonight. Booker accepts.

*Paul Heyman and the security force come to the ring. He tries to speak but is booed. He says he is the father of ECW and unlike the disgusting people of MA, Booker is royalty and was invited to ECW. He says the fans will drink his Kool-Aid tonight. He continued on and on and on, to the point it was obvious this was a dark segment and they were stretching for time.

*Backstage, Rene Dupree discussed beating Balls Mahoney last week.

*In a non-title Extreme Rules match, WWE World champion Booker T pinned Rob Van Dam after Hardcore Holly interfered. Booker used a scissors kick on a chair for the pin.