**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (2 Weeks)

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (2 Weeks)

Thanks to Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com for the following results:

Impact 9/28

*Lance Hoyt defeated Jeff Jarrett, DQ. Jarrett attacked Hoyt from behind and was whipping him on the way to the ring. They fought in the crowd. Jarrett hung Hoyt from the ring by the strap and the referee called for the bell. Jarrett then attacked the referee and grabbed the mic. He pointed out the fans that took part in the Fans' Revenge match and told them he held them all responsible for what happened. He said that he wanted his NWA title back or Samoa Joe would be left laying in a pool of his own blood.

*Samoa Joe (with the NWA title) defeated Raven, choking him after Brother Runt interfered, hitting a neckbreaker with a chain while the referee was checking on Joe. Joe then grabbed Raven and choked him out. Brother Runt got into Joe's face and slapped him. Joe and Runt began brawling. Raven got involved. Abyss hits the ring and attacks Joe. Raven went after Abyss, but Runt attacked him. Jim Cornette came out and followed Joe up the ramp. Joe walked off with the NWA title belt.

*Team 3D returned, defeating Vaughn Doring & another wrestler. They didn't announce who 3D's opponents were. After the match, Brother Ray took the mic and said they left to refocus on getting the NWA Tag Team championships. He said that TNA management asked them when they wanted their title match, but 3D wants to earn their title match. He said they are going to do it the old way, fighting their way to the top.

*Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal defeated TNA X-Division champion Senshi & The Paparazzi. The crowd was chanting, "No more Jackass" as the babyfaces came to the ring. Christian Cage was at the announcing table. During the match, Rhino came out but was held back by security. Rhino finally broke through and attacked Cage. There were more Jackass shenanigans. Sabin pinned Devine. The crowd chanted "No More Jackass" again after the match.

*Jim Cornette came out for some official announcements inside the ring. They had a podium set up with several chairs in the ring. Cornette said they had two legends in the building, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell. No really, he said legends. Cornette said that they had been with Sting for his training for the Bound for Glory PPV match against Jeff Jarrett. He discussed the match and promised that would be the night Jarrett loses the belt. Cornette brought up the latest addition to the TNA roster, Kurt Angle. He said that at the BFG PPV, Angle would be a ringside enforcer during the NWA title match. Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and said that he wanted his championship belt back. Cornette relayed to Jarrett that Samoa Joe said if Jeff wants his belt back, he'll have to come get it from Joe. Jarrett asked if Cornette was really the boss or just another incompetent figurehead in TNA. Jarrett brawled with Luger and Bagwell. Samoa Joe hit the ring. Joe and Jarrett brawled but in the end Joe held onto the NWA title belt.

Impact 10/5

*Team 3D defeated Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley. Shane Douglas and the Naturals were at the announcing table. During the match, America's Most Wanted and Gail Kim came out watching from one entranceway while The James Gang watched from another. Brother Ray grabbed the mic after the match and said they were working their way up the ladder. He pointed out that they didn't have opponents for Bound for Glory, so they issued an open challenge and promised they would become the NWA Tag Team champions. As 3D left, Ray got into Douglas' face at the announcing table and they have words.

*Abyss and Jim Mitchell came to the ring for a promo. Mitchell told Samoa Joe that Jim Cornette made a deal with the devil to get the NWA title belt back. He warns Joe that he can come to the ring and deliver the belt or Abyss will come and get it. Joe comes to the ring with the belt, lays the belt down in the ring, then slaps Abyss. They brawl. Abyss chokeslams Joe on the belt. Jarrett comes out to retrieve the belt, but gets into a faceoff with Abyss. Abyss and Joe both punch Jarrett. In the end, Joe hits Jarrett and takes the belt back. Joe powerslams Abyss and leaves.

*LAX defeated Jeff Watson and Tyler Black with a double pin on both. After the match, Konnan says they are going to get the NWA Tag Team titles. He says they were sabotaged by being put in the Ultimate X match and announced it would be a Six Sides of Steel rematch at Bound for Glory.

*In a Loser Gets Fired from TNA match, Shark Boy pinned Eric Young. Larry Zbyszko came out and Young took his toupee. Zbyszko punched Young and Shark Boy rolled him up the pin. Young and the crowd were disappointed. The crowd chanted "Bring back Eric" as he left.

*Christian Cage & Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron Killings & Christopher Daniels. LAX attacked Daniels. While Cage was on the top, preparing for a frog splash, Jarrett pinned Daniels. Jarrett took the mic and said the game is over and he wants Joe to give him his belt back. Joe came out and they brawled. Joe was knocked out of the ring. Jarrett grabbed the belt and held it over his head. Christian grabbed Jarrett and hit the Unprettier. Cage held up the belt. Rhino hit the ring and gored Cage. Joe grabbed the belt and left. Cage and Rhino fought to the back.


*A-1 pinned Lance Hoyt.

*Sonjay Dutt pinned Petey Williams.

Notes: Jeremy Borash announced that Kurt Angle would make his official TNA debut by appearing at the next taping...There was a Bound for Glory "press conference" filmed before they opened the doors for the fans....Dory Funk Jr. was in attendance...Vince Russo watched the taping from the crowd.

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