**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

Thanks to Jimmy Medlock:

Matches are not in order:

King Booker defeated Lunchbox Batista when Fit Finlay interfered. Good night for Finlay. They hyped that this was Batista's last chance at the title or something.

Bobby Lashley defeated William Regal. Fun match.

The Miz defeated Matt Hardy when Gregory Helms cost Hardy the match. I wonder if Hardy is going to start trying to cut weight so he can get revenge by winning the Cruiserweight Title.

Fit Finlay defeated Rey Mysterio. It was a clean win, and they are playing up that Mysterio is distraught over the Guerrero thing (I'd be distraught if I was in that storyline too).

Ken Kennedy defeated some jobber. Kennedy challenged John Cena if he comes to Smackdown, and then challenged Undertaker as well.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Ashley defeated K.C. James & Idol Stevens & Michelle McCool. Michelle is so much hotter than Ashley. James & Stevens still don't look like a real tag team to me. I'd rather see another match with the Pitbulls.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Tatanka with a frog splash. Tatanka was upset, again.

Thanks to John Brown for this report (and remember, he did have a a lot of "naughty beverages" when you read this one).

Just got back from the show and I sure did have a great time out there I drank a lot of naughty beverages so I hope I remember things right.

Mr. Ken Kennedy faced some guy named Dave Richardson I think. The guy and his kicks sucked and this match was a squash. Kennedy did some mic work about being a top tier titan and called out John Cena if he were to come to Smackdown and even challenged The Undertaker for a shot at his title at No Mercy.

The Hulliganz and Ashley defeated James, Stevens and McCool. Okish matchup with the babyface team botching a lot but still getting the win, If I were booking I would've switched the decision.

Chavo Guerrero fought Tatanka and won, I guess. I left while this match was on because I hate watching crap wrestlers, I was hoping The Boogeyman was coming back today.

The Miz beat Matt Hardy with The Mizard of Oz after Gregory Helms underhanded deception. This Miz guy is such a great heel because he is like a hate-able version of John Cena without talent.

Backstage stuff with MVP, I went to the parking lot to make sure my car still worked so I don't know what happened next.

Lashley beat Regal in a match that resembled something from WCW Nitro or NOAH.

Jimmy Ways Yang promo aired where he showed the fine art of Southern Hospitality.

CW advertisement hype infomercial.

Finlay beat Rey easily. Rey seemed out of it during the entire match and didn't even speak when I said hello, I hate Rey now.

King Booker defeated Batista when Finlay hit Batista with the stick thing from Italy. New stip says Batista can't challenge Booker one on one again.