**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

The following is from WrestleView.com:

Dark Match:

- Val Venis defeated Rob Conway with a Money Shot.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings:

- JBL joins Michael Cole at ringside for commentary.

- A promo is shown with Smackdown GM Teddy Long and World Heavyweight Champion King Booker (with Sharmell). They complain to Long about having to face Vito tonight. Long then cancels the match and then tells Booker he will be facing The Undertaker tonight instead.

- Batista & Bobby Lashley defeated Finlay & William Regal. Lashley hit Regal with a Spear to get the pinfall, while Batista attended to Finlay on the outside.

- 2006 WWE Diva Search winner Layla came out. She was followed by Kristal Marshall. Layla and Kristal started to fight when Jillian Hall came out. Jillian took Kristal's top off and did the same to Layla as well.

- Matt Hardy defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in a Non-Title Match. Said to be a great match. The finish saw the referee go to fix the top turnbuckle when Hardy low blowed Helms to get the win.

- The Miz defeated Funaki.

- Clips of John Cena in "The Marine" were shown.

- Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero ended in a No Contest when Vickie Guerrero got involved.

- Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated The Pitbulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Noble) & The Teacher's Pets (K.C. James & Idol Stevens) to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. London pinned Noble to get the win for his team.

- Backstage, Elijah Burke introduced Sylvester Terkay as an All-American.

- Sylvan then came out and got what was described as the biggest pop of the night. He got on the mic and told the Montreal crowd that it was good to be back and added regardless of who comes out, he doesn't only have to take on himself, but he has to take on everyone here in Montreal. That got another big reaction.

- Sylvan defeated Tatanka using the ropes. Another huge pop for his win from the Montreal crowd.

- The Undertaker defeated World Heavyweight Champion King Booker via DQ in a Non-Title Match. WWE U.S. Champion Mr. Kennedy was at ringside doing commentary. Undertaker gave Booker a Tombstone after the match.

- John Cena advertised for Smackdown: We have gotten word that a graphic hit the screen promoting WWE Champion John Cena, Batista & Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker, Finlay & William Regal for next week on Smackdown.