Here are some bullet points Kurt Angle joining TNA Wrestling:

  • TNA went after Angle as soon as WWE released him.

  • Angle was not at the PPV last night. His video was filmed on Wednesday in Nashville.

  • Dixie Carter and Kurt Angle ironed out the deal themselves.

  • His TNA contract is apparently not exclusive and he is still considering doing MMA stuff at some point in the future.

  • Angle is not scheduled to be at the Impact taping tonight.

  • Angle was on the phone with Dixie Carter several times during the PPV last night.

  • Angle is scheduled to appear at the Bound for Glory PPV on 10/22 in Detroit but not wrestle.

  • In WWE, most were surprised by the move. Many were also relieved as concern had grown that he would enter MMA and seriously hurt himself. Word is that there was not any feelings of hate or double-crossing like there was when Lex Luger jumped to WCW years ago in a similar situation.

    In a related note, TNA interest in terms of on this website is the highest it has ever been following the signing of Kurt Angle. Posts related to Angle have done six to seven times the traffic that usual TNA posts do and interest in No Surrender last night was by far higher than any TNA PPV ever.

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