The Rock, Kurt Angle/UFC, Hulk Hogan & More


Over at features an article on Lita and Edge going to Mexico this week. The article brings up that Lita trained down there in the 1990s. Edge and Lita went to a show at El Coliseo while they were there and wore lucha masks to the show so they were no noticed. The article also features photos of other WWE wrestlers in Mexico for this weekend's tour.

Hulk Hogan has been featured in the news as of late as he is now lobbying the U. S. House of Representatives to toughen laws governing dog and cock fighting.

UFC s Dana White was recently on Howard Stern 101 on Sirius, a guest on the Scott Ferrall show, and was taking calls. Kurt Angle was mentioned and Dana responded to the question of Kurt joining UFC by saying, "Kurt has always wanted to fight UFC, he is ready for REAL FIGHTING!" The caller also asked if he was worried about Angle s drug problem and why he left WWE. Dana responded saying that he wasn t sure why he left WWE and said that he thinks he was physically beat up but really was ready for "Real fighting" now.

Reuters has a Q and A with The Rock where he talks about his love for gaming.