While promoting his new movie Gridiron Gang Dwayne Johnson has noted that he will be dropping The Rock nickname. Dwayne wants to differentiate his acting career from his old wrestling career. It is said that he will drop the name with the release of another movie, Southland Tales.

Hulk Hogan s publicist Elizabeth Rosenthal made note that the accident that occurred with Hogan s Lamborghini was a terrible accident. Hulk s 16-year-old son, Nick was driving the car at the time; however criminal charges or traffic citations are not being filed. The vehicle was owned by Cecile Barker, CEO of SoBe Entertainment (record company which signed Brooke Hogan).

Ohio Valley Wrestling booker, Greg Gagne was released by the company yesterday. WWE hired the former AWA star to replace Paul Heyman shortly after WrestleMania 22. Currently we have no word on who his replacement will be, but we do know Danny Davis and Al Snow will continue to run the daily operations for OVW.

Source: PWInsider

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