TNA No Surrender Results (9/24): The Big Surprise Is?

TNA No Surrender Results (9/24): The Big Surprise Is?

Event: TNA No Surrender PPV Results
Airdate: Sunday, September 24th, 2006
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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- The TNA opening hits. A video package then runs highlighting destruction along with political figures making famous statements. These statements are tied in with current TNA storylines involving LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe and Christian Cage vs. Rhino. Very well done video package.

- A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to No Surrender. We go live to the Impact Zone where Mikey Tenay previews what we will see tonight. Pyro then goes off above the ring and in the entrance area.

- Backstage, Eric Young is shown getting his "army" of fans ready. They follow him into the Impact Zone and go around the ring giving him the "eye points". A1 then comes out to start up the first match of the night.

- Eric Young defeated A1. Young got the win with his flip-up neckbreaker on A1. Crowd in Orlando was really into Young as usual. Good opening match.

- At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West plug TNA's big surprise later tonight.

- Backstage, we see Jeremy Borash going into Jim Cornette's office. Cornette tells Borash to come in and hangs up the phone. He said he is glad to see Borash for once. Cornette says he takes full responsibility for bringing in TNA's big surprise tonight and that it will be made by a wrestler who wasn't scheduled to be here tonight. He mentions it will not only change the wrestling industry here in the United States, but across the world. Wow, this announcement really better pull through.

- Backstage, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal are playing the new "Spyhunter" game on the Playstation 2 as Petey Williams was shown earlier making his way out to the ring with a water bottle in hand. Jerry Lynn comes in and tells Lethal that his music is playing. Dutt says they don't have to worry about timing and shows he has a box of laxatives in his hand. Dutt does a silly laugh and Lethal heads to the ring laughing. Lynn reminds Chris Sabin he has a title match later tonight. Sabin asks Lynn, "Jerry...chip?" Lynn walks off mad and Sabin yells out that he forgot about his chip.

- Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams. Lethal got the win with a roll-up on Williams. Before the match, Williams had been watching the promo backstage with Sabin, Lethal and Dutt (who was holding a box of laxatives). He looked at the water he was drinking and doubted they did what he saw. Halfway through the match, Williams favored his backside and made it clear he needed to go "number two." Williams threw Lethal away when he was about to hit a Canadian Destroyer and then lead to the quick roll-up by Lethal. Williams then ran to the back holding his backside.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Rhino. He mentions that Rhino suffered some serious head trauma after Christian Cage attacked him with shots to the head using a steel chair recently on iMPACT! on Spike TV. Rhino said he is fine and that Christian is the one who will require medical attention after he gets done with him tonight.

- A promo for Abyss vs. Raven vs. Brother Runt in a No DQ Match airs.

- Abyss defeated Raven & Brother Runt in a No Disqualification Match. Early on in the match, Abyss tossed Brother Runt over the top rope onto Raven on the babyface ramp. Lots of weapons were brought into the ring. One spot saw Runt put a ring bell over the crotch of Abyss and then hit it with a steel pipe. Raven then put a gladiator helmet on and rammed head first into Runt. All three men went to the top of the babyface ramp at one point, with Raven tossing Runt down the inside of the ramp. A table and ladder were setup at the top of the entrance area. Raven got Abyss down on the table when we see Runt near the video screen over the entrance area jumping off. Runt connected with a double-stomp to Abyss over the table, but the table didn't break. Raven then drags Runt over to the hard camera side and puts a dog collar around him. Raven goes up the scaffold and hangs Runt. Raven then tosses Runt off the top of the scaffold and Runt crashes through two tables. The finish sees Raven go for a pinfall, but James Mitchell puts Runt's foot on the rope to break the count. Raven goes after Mitchell. Mitchell bails, Raven goes for a bulldog on Runt, Runt counters throwing Raven into Abyss and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Raven to get the pinfall.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is wearing a bunch of "Jeff Jarrett" t-shirts along with a few of his in-ring gear outfits. Borash said that was an interesting choice of attire tonight. Jarrett tells him to shutup and asks him what TNA's big surprise is. Borash doesn't know. Jarrett says come on, don't you read the internet? Spike TV? He says the only thing he is concerned about is who will make that announcement tonight. Jarrett thinks it is going to be Sting and says shame on TNA managment for making fans spend $29.95 to see that. Eric Young walks up and he apologizes for the issues with trying to get footage of Sting to him. Jarrett tells Young he doesn't want Sting to ruin his match tonight with Samoa Joe if he shows up and tells him to watch the arena to prevent it.

- A promo for the Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal later tonight is shown. It mainly focuses on The Naturals and America's Most Wanted.

- Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal

Rules: Eight teams will take part with all 16 wrestlers in the ring. When a member of a tag team is tossed out, they can remain at ringside. If their tag team partner is also thrown out, the tag team is eliminated. Battle Royal rules will continue until two wrestlers remain. At that point, the respective partners will join the contest and the match will resume under tag team rules. The winning tag team will then earn a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

Tag Teams: America's Most Wanted, The James Gang, The Naturals, The Paparazzi, The Diamonds In The Rough, Kazarian & Bentley, Ron "The Truth" Killings & Lance Hoyt and Shark Boy & Norman Smiley.

Order of Elimination of the Battle Royal:

1. Norman Smiley
2. Elix Skipper
3. Lance Hoyt
4. Johnny Devine
5. Shark Boy – Shark Boy & Norman Smiley are eliminated
6. Chase Stevens (Stevens was launched from the top rope into the crowd)
7. Matt Bentley
8. David Young – The Diamonds In The Rough are eliminated
9. Ron "The Truth" Killings – The Truth & Lance Hoyt are eliminated
10. BG James
11. Kazarian – Kazarian & Matt Bentley are elimianted
12. Alex Shelley – The Paparazzi are eliminated
13. James Storm
14. Chris Harris – AMW was to be eliminated, but Harris came back in and eliminated Kip James without the referee seeing he was eliminated before by Kip James
15. Kip James – The James Gang are eliminated.

We are now down to The Naturals and America's Most Wanted.

The Naturals defeated America's Most Wanted in the tag team portion of the Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal to become the #1 Contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The finish saw James Storm attempt an Eye of the Storm. Harris got distracted by The James Gang and jumped off the ring apron yelling at them. In the ring, Chase Stevens countered the Eye of the Storm and rolled up Storm for the pinfall. After the match, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens (The Naturals) celebrated when Shane Douglas came in. Douglas said he was proud of them and that they would become champions.

- A promo for the X Division Championship Match between Senshi and Chris Sabin is shown.

- Senshi defeated Chris Sabin to retain the X Division Championship. Sabin took some stiff chops from Senshi early on. Don West described Sabin's chest as looking like raw meat. Match was very grounded for an X Division style match. Started to pick up halfway through with lot of kicks to the head and boots to the face from both. With Sabin up on the top rope, Senshi did a big cartwheel into a jumping kick to Sabin's head in the corner. Just an amazing spot. Sabin then got Senshi down into a tree of woe, jumped off and then hit his hanging air dropkick to the face. Fans were really into the match at this point...until Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal came out. Lethal was holding a blow up doll that was dressed like Sabin. The fans starting booing this. Sabin left the ring and Lethal put the blow up doll in the middle. Senshi jumped off looking to hit his double-stomp when he stopped in mid-air to see it was a doll. Sabin came in and knocked Senshi down. Sabin put the doll on Senshi. The fans chanted "THIS IS STUPID" as Sabin went up the top. Senshi countered Sabin's attack, threw the doll at him, Sabin caught it and Senshi hit a double dropkick to the gut on Sabin. Senshi covered Sabin and got the pinfall.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Christian Cage. He said it would be typical of Sting to show up later tonight to try and steal the spotlight from everyone. Christian said he heard what Rhino said earlier tonight. He asks why Rhino would defend someone like Sting, a person he has probably met a whole three times. Christian tells Rhino to maybe ask for an autograph next week. He then runs down his "peeps" in Orlando and says he is the biggest star in TNA...past, present, future.

- A promo for Christian Cage vs. Rhino is shown.

- Christian Cage defeated Rhino. Great psychology by Christian Cage at the start of the match by trying to avoid to get into the ring when Rhino came in. The referee then started to count him out and he had no choice but to finally come in. Both eventually brawled out of the ring into the crowd. The action spilled back into the ring and Cage had the upper advantage on Rhino the whole time. Rhino was busted open at this point. Cage brought two steel chairs into the ring and looked to do another conchairto on Rhino. Rhino moved when Christian was about to do it. Rhino then tried to hit a conchairto of his own on Christian, but the referee grabbed the chair and threw it out of the ring. With the referee distracted doing this, it allowed Christian to low blow Rhino with a big kick and then hit the Unprettier on top of the second steel chair. Christian threw the chair out, covered and got the win. After the match, TNA medical staff checked on Rhino.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash was by the production truck when Eric Young appeared. He said he thinks Sting is here and pointed out a car nearby. Young walks over and LAX appears. Young said he was sorry and didn't know they were going to steal the car. LAX gets mad and Young runs away. Konnan walks up, looks into the camera and talks about the Ultimate X Match. He said LAX will do whatever it takes to keep their titles and will use tables, ladders, won't matter, whatever it takes to get the job done.

- Footage was shown that was taped earlier in the day with an empty Impact Zone of Don West interviewing AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels about the Ultimate X Match. Daniels said Konnan accomplishes nothing with his racist propaganda about the "latino nation."

- A promo for the Ultimate X Match with LAX defending the NWA World Tag Team Titles against AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels is shown.

- AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels defeated LAX to become the NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions in an Ultimate X Match. Lots of double teaming by Styles and Daniels early on in the match. Hernandez then came back, tossing AJ over his head like he was nothing. Another spot saw AJ get up on the X steel cables when Homicide grabbed him by the legs, started to swing him and AJ eventually fell off hitting the top rope face first. Hernandez then grabbed AJ, had him down in a huricanranna position, Homicide hit a big dropkick to the face and Hernandez then lifted AJ back up to his shoulders, threw him up in the air and AJ came crashing down to the mat. LAX then brought in a ladder and positioned it under the tag team title belt. AJ breaks that up and both AJ/Daniels double-team Hernandez by crotching him over the ladder. The ladder gets removed from the ring. Another big spot saw Hernandez hit Daniels with a huge overhead suplex from the top rope sending Daniels all the way across the ring. Hernandez went up on the steel cables, but AJ springboarded off the ropes and hit Hernandez with a big elbow to the gut to knock him off. It what was the biggest spot off the cables during the match, both AJ and Homicide were locked up at the top when both came crashing down to the mat. Konnan setup a table on the outside. This backfired for LAX as AJ grabbed Homicide and hit a Styles Clash from the ring apron through the table. Daniels then starts climbing up one of the steel poles holding up the Ultimate X. Konnan runs in with a singapore cane. Daniels gets all the way up to the top of the steel pole, jumps and lands in the middle of the Ultimate X. Daniels pulls off the tag team title belt and falls to the mat. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are your new NWA World Tag Team Champions. Great match. Tenay simply said quote, "unfreaking-believable."

- A promo airs hyping the "Fan's Revenge Match" with Samoa Joe facing NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett in a Non-Title Match.

- We see a shot of TNA fans surrounding the ring with leather whips getting ready for the "Fan's Revenge Match" with Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett.

Fan's revenge match (Non-title): Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe. 18 fans are around the ring with leather straps in hand. Backstage, Young tells Jarrett he couldn't find Sting. Jarrett asks him if he searched the raftors, and Young asks if he would be up there. Jarrett tells him to search, and this is his final chance. Jarrett is wearing extra shirts to avoid the straps. So, Jarrett isn't in the main event, yet, he is. Hmmm. Fans surround the ring ala lumberjacks with all ready to strap him. Joe pulled off a layer of Jarrett's shirts. Jarrett grabbed a strap from a fan, and used it on Joe in the ring. Jarrett hit a cross body block, but Joe kicked out. Joe rebounded with a kick to Jarrett's face, and pulled off all of Jarrett's shirts. A fan tosses a belt in, and Joe uses it on Jarrett. Joe ties Jarrett's arm to the top rope, allowing fans to come into the ring and strap Jarrett. Jarrett goes for the guitar, but Joe slaps on the sleeper hold. Jarrett makes it to the ropes. Jarrett stroked Joe into the guitar, but Joe kicked out. Muscle buster by Joe, and he pins the champ at 11:02!

After the match, Jim Cornette came out with Jarrett in the ring for the announcement. Cornette says on Thursday, 11/16, TNA goes two hours in prime time. Cornette said that wasn't the big surprise, he shows a pre-recorded segment showing Kurt Angle work out in the ring. Yes, Angle is TNA's major announcement. Jarrett looks stunned in the ring as fans chant "Angle, Angle" as the PPV ends.

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