Triple H's Backstage WWE Influence Once Again Proven

Credit: Newsletter

As reported earlier, WWE signed Henry O. Godwinn to a contract last week. This transaction is mildly controversial because several months back, Godwinn had a tryout match before an OVW taping and the reports on his ring work were terrible. Then again, he hadn't regularly wrestled in about eight years. John Laurinaitis decided against keeping him around in OVW and DSW, even though it was major WWE star's recommendation to use him. That star was Triple H.

Henry Godwinn and Triple H are good friends. Had it not been for Triple H, Godwinn probably wouldn't have gotten all these tryout matches in the first place, let alone a WWE contract. Godwinn's son passed away last year, he needed a job, and he missed wrestling – so after Triple H told all that to some WWE officials, Godwinn got a second chance to show his stuff.

Godwinn had three tryout matches two weeks ago, and the reports stated that he looked old and wrestled poorly in all three matches. Internally, some people believed that the Godwinn vs. Bull Buchanan match before the 9/5 Smackdown tapings was one of the worst dark matches in quite some time. Despite the lackluster reviews for Godwinn's in-ring work, Triple H managed to secure a job for him anyways. Godwinn will more than likely be a part of the Smackdown brand.