Two ECW wrestlers have violated the WWE Talent Wellness Program. Those individuals are Ryan O’Reilly and Balls Mahoney. At the moment, it is unknown as to how they violated the program.

Ryan O’Reilly is a Deep South Wrestling guy who had been tag teaming with Derrick Neikirk at ECW house shows. O’Reilly has yet to debut on television. O’Reilly immediately dropped the Deep South Wrestling title last week. He will be out of action for 30 days due to suspension. Neikirk will continue working on ECW house shows, but in singles matches. Neikirk lost to Kevin Thorn in two house show matches over the weekend.

In the case of Balls Mahoney, just like Randy Orton, he is still able to appear on television. However, he won’t be paid for 30 days, he will only have his road expenses covered. Also, he has been pulled from all house shows. He didn’t appear at any ECW house shows this past weekend. As of late, Mahoney had been feuding with Kevin Thorn on television and at house shows. Also, it looked like he was starting to get some semblence of a push, especially considering that the company was asking fans as to what Ball Mahoney T-shirt they would possibly purchase. It should be interesting to see if Mahoney will continue to be pushed in spite of his violation.

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