Two Female Fans Ejected At Unforgiven, Super Crazy, & More

Buck Woodward is reporting that he received an email from someone attending the Unforgiven pay per view event last night where that person discussed an altercation between two female fans and WWE security. The incident took place during the WWE Championship main event after John Cena "crotched" Edge and went to the floor to grab a table. There was a very loud woman who was cursing at Cena and another woman with her, obviously voicing her dislike of Cena. According to the person, the referee came over and told the two women to stop "spitting" on Cena (the emailer claims the women did not spit at all at Cena, and from the replay of the show it did not appear like either spat at Cena) and shortly after security had them removed from the building.

Super Crazy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a Dark Match that took place prior to the Unforgiven PPV on Sunday night in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.