Video Of X-Pac/D-X Online, RVD's Store Closes, SmackDown!, More

A clip of X-Pac doing crotch chops with DX at Friday night's RAW brand house show is online.

Rob Van Dam has closed down his California area comic book store, RVD's Five Star Comics. A reader passed this message on: "I tried to call the store phone number (310-326-5RVD) but I only got an answer from the answering machine which said, "RVD's Five Star Comics is closed for inventory." A short while later, a young lady arrived with the key of the store (I don't ask her name, but it could have been Sonya, RVD's wife) and I asked her when will the store re-opened. She said that this store is closed for good and all the stuff inside will be sold online."


In a first in the show's history, the TV rating for last night's edition of Smackdown will remain a mystery. Due to the amount of preemptions, it wasn't able to be tracked with any accuracy. Also, the overnight ratings won't be accurate until the show's official CW Network kickoff on 9/22.