WWE Makes Big Quiet Change To Drug Testing Policy

On Wednesday, Bryan Alvarez reported that there are changes happening with the WWE s Wellness Policy (aka drug policy). Wrestlers who now fail tests (and receive suspensions such as 30-day, 60-day, etc.) will continue to appear on television, but they will be working for free during the time of their suspension. Furthermore, Several wrestlers on the RAW roster did, in fact, fail drug tests and will continue to be wrestling on the road without earning a salary.

If this policy sounds familiar, it should. It happened in the 1990s when McMahon had drug testing. From the mindset of a wrestling promoter, having wrestlers fail drug tests and be yanked from television/PPVs after being suspended wreaks havoc on trying to book long-term programs. For McMahon s rationale, he can still claim publicly that wrestlers who fail drug tests are in fact suspended without pay, therefore claiming that the policy still has teeth. Given the lack of negative attention about McMahon s Wellness policy in the general public, it s doubtful that he will face any sort of negative repercussions at all by these new changes.