WWE RAW Results (9/18): D-X & Cena, Edge, Coach, More!

WWE RAW Results (9/18): D-X & Cena, Edge, Coach, More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Monday, September 18th, 2006
Location: The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec Canada
Results by 411Wrestling.com

PROMO TIME John Cena. Strong boo's from the crowd but I see a lot of Cena signs. Lawler makes as if Cena gets cheered everywhere else calling Canada "bizzaroworld". Crowd continues to make a huge amount of noise so Cena holds off on talking while they all scream at each other and the ring. It's like Hogan's huge cheers only mixed. Cena calls the reaction "absolute chaos". He says he's not himself tonight though. The cameras pick up on a "shut the f–k up" chant going on. Cena says he was hit in the head a lot last night so he doesn't know what time it is. But he does seem to be coming back to him as he appears to be the WWE champion. HUGE heat for just holding the belt up. Lawler points out how many different chants are raining down on the ring. He can't even make jokes about Lita without getting heat. He says the Cena-Edge feud has come to an end but Edge & Lita seem to have a different state of mind. Edge calls Cena's entire career a fluke and tells Cena has a rematch clause and he'll be using it. Cena talks about Edge having hunger and fire. He respects him for that. Crowd doesn't respect Cena and here comes the "Cena sucks" chant. Cena tells Edge he has two options. 1A. He can have a one man sex celebration and go f.. screw himself. 2B. Have a title rematch right now. Edge points out that this isn't Canada, it's the cheese eating, wine sniffing, inbred cousin of Canada; Montreal. Basically he doesn't want to wrestle tonight let alone get the title rematch. Edge won't fight for these people tonight. Cena finally gets a face pop by pointing out everyone wants him to beat the hell out of Edge. The Edgester isn't happy about losing in his hometown and losing his TLC streak. Or losing in front of his Mom. He isn't happy especially about losing his title. He has a backup plan and hired guns Cade & Murdoch run in for a double team on the champ. That doesn't last long though because DX is out here for revenge for last week. DX clean house and hang with Cena. That brings out The Coach. He books a 6-man tag tonight pitting Cade, Murdoch & Edge v John Cena & DX.

BACKSTAGE The Coach uses the medium of television to talk to the McMahons. He has a surprise for them. The RAW superstars want to wish them all the best. Shelton Benjamin is first. He says if he'd been in the match they'd have done better. He's disappointed. He wants to know why he wasn't in that match. He drops the race card. He says he wasn't in that match because he's a black man. Oh boy.

Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada v Kane

These two have a rematch from last night, which ended up a double count out. They bounce off each other before Umaga hits a belly to belly. Ref prevents a chair coming into play from Estrada and promptly gets bumped. Kane hits a DDT and Estrada jumps onto the apron. Umaga has the chair and blasts Kane with it. Still no referee. Umaga pins. Still no referee so in comes another ref to make the count for 2. And we're into the ad break. On returning it seems this is a slugfest. Umaga hits a Samoan Drop but doesn't pin. He hauls Kane up for the Downward Spiral. Estrada is shouting intructions in. Umaga runs into a back elbow and a big boot. He stays on his feet so Kane hits a clothesline and he still doesn't go over. Running shoulderblock takes him over. Kane spots the chair he got hit with but when he goes to bash Umaga with it he gets punched in the jaw. Umaga misses in the corner and Kane goes up top for the diving clothesline. Kane thinks chokeslam but prefers chair in a revenge attack. Umaga beats Kane by DQ after three chair shots. It was three because he wouldn't go over after the first two.

POST MATCH Estrada's ranting continues so Kane chases him up the ramp and we hit another break.

BACKSTAGE Kane beats up Estrada some more and tells him he's the biggest monster in the WWE. But Umaga comes in for the save as Kane goes after Estrada with a steel spike. Kane is left lying but he sits up and looks pissed off.

ELSEWHERE Maria has a message for the McMahons. She has a rather confusing view of Vince's history thinking he won the Superbowl as Quarterback of the Chicago Bears. She also wants to know whether Big Show's ass was like the Batcave. Spirit Squad turn up though to bring the cheer as they're still tag champs. Johnny dedicates his match with Ric Flair tonight to Vince.

Ric Flair v Johnny w/Spirit Squad

Johnny tells the rest of the Squad that he's got this one and is going it alone. Johnny hits a quick shoulderblock and punches at the Naitch. Flair chops him away and adds in a kneedrop. Johnny bails but Flair follows with more chops on the floor. Johnny backdrops him though to turn the tide. Johnny punches away in the corner on the RAW report only available here on 411mania.com and assorted pikey sites that don't credit Arnold Furious. Johnny with the Figure Four leglock and Flair gets the ropes to break it. Flair gets outside but Johnny suplexes him back inside. Johnny tries the diving spinning heel kick but Flair dodges it and hits a chopblock. Flair goes for the Figure Four but Johnny rolls him up only for Flair to counter it back for the pin. Ric Flair wins by inside cradle.

BACKSTAGE Lita (and the absent Edge) send their regards to Vince McMahon. Lita wants to know about the women's title but Mickie James strolls in to point out that Trish beat her. Mickie makes fun of Lita who slaps her for it.

PROMO TIME Randy Orton. He has the mic and talks about the "trauma to my beautiful face". He starts taking the piss somewhat by calling his performance the bravest in wrestling history and calls himself the future of the wrestling industry, which brings out Johnny Nitro & Melina. Nitro seems to think it's he who is the future of the industry. He's the IC champ. Orton doesn't seem to have a title and Nitro says he's coasting on his reputation. Orton tells him he can take that belt whenever he wants not to mention Melina too. This brings out Chris Masters. He seems to think he should be the IC champion because he's also the future of the business. That'd be because no one can break the Masterlock. The other guys laugh at him for losing to Super Crazy twice and not being able to spell "future". Hahaha. This brings out Carlito. He's here to tell Orton that he's a sore loser and he punks him out. The other heels back Orton up though and give Carlito a kicking but out comes Super Crazy and Jeff Hardy for the save. The Coach gets on the Titantron to tell everyone out there they're competing in a 6-pack challenge. The winner gets the IC title. Nitro looks worried.

IC title Johnny Nitro (c) w/Melina v Randy Orton v Chris Masters v Carlito v Super Crazy v Jeff Hardy

JIP with Crazy hitting an Arabian press on Nitro. Masters is working Orton over. No tags or anything here just first pin to the finish. Orton pins Hardy for 2 in there. Masters hits a butterfly suplex on Carlito for 2. Nitro rolls Hardy up for 2. He had the tights on that. Hardy fires back with a jawbreaker but Nitro hits a Russian legsweep for another 2 count. Masters & Orton are working Carlito over while Crazy interferes in the match between Nitro and Hardy. Carlito wipes out Masters with a quebrada for 2. He gets booted out. Masters is chinlocking Orton to give him a taste of his own medecine. Hardy adds in a jawbreaker. Crazy pins Orton for 2. This is such a mess. Crazy dropkicks Nitro and everyone tries to pin him. Orton and Nitro start working together, which is weird because all this started with them arguing. Carlito gets a measure of revenge on Orton with a pescado but Hardy wipes him out with the Railrunner. Nitro goes for a pescado but everyone moves and then puts the boots in. Heh. Crazy springboard moonsaults and wipes out everyone, which is the lead into an ad break. We come back with Carlito nipping up and pinning Masters for 2. Orton hits a snap powerslam on Nitro for 2. Crazy dropkicks low to break that up and pin for 2. Orton strolls around a bit so Carlito hits a high crossbody on him for 2. Orton dropkicks Hardy for 2. Carlito tries to springboard but Orton dropkicks him off the apron. Hardy gets very motivated and starts knocking folks over. That is until he gets backdropped by Orton and Nitro. RKO for Nitro. Backcracker for Orton. Carlito gets caught in the Masterlock. Crazy dives in to break that but Hardy shoves him off the top and hits the Swanton Bomb. Nitro throws Hardy out and pins for the win. Nitro retains after pinning Masters after a Jeff Hardy Swanton.

SMACKDOWN REBOUND Footage of Finlay destroying Dave Batista. Lashley comes out to call Finlay a bastard. They have a match and the winner gets a title shot. Finlay gets caught cheating and Lashley faces Booker at No Mercy. Batista knocks out Charles Robinson with a lead pipe and Lashley spears Booker. Lots happening there.

PROMO VIDEO Cryme Tyme. They're playing some dice until a white guy asks them for directions. So they car jack his mini-van.

ELSEWHERE Coach talks about more people passing their wishes to Vince when DX turn up. Shawn is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome and misses Vince now he's gone. HHH has a video package for him. It's mostly DX embarassing the chairman. We come back to DX faking tears. HHH has a poem. Oh lordy. They spray "DX" on the camera and that's the end of these tribute bits I guess.

Candice Michelle v Lita

Candice has toned down her ring gear somewhat perhaps in a bid to be taken more seriously. Lita looks unimpressed and just clubs away with ease. Crowd chants in French so I can't tell what they're saying. Candice just about manages a spinning heel kick. Lita seems unimpressed still and starts bouncing Candice's head and back off the apron. Snapmare gets 2. Suplex gets 2. Chinlock. Candice throws a few elbows but gets dragged back down by her hair. Russian legsweep gets 2. Candice gets a cheeky schoolgirl roll up for 2. Lita just clubs away and it looks like she's ready to finish this. Mickie James runs out here to distract and Candice hits a powerbomb for the win.

BACKSTAGE Edge looks freaked at that loss. Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade come in to point out they didn't have a match last night so they're fresh. They have a point. Edge tells them to follow his lead and get John Cena out of his life.

Main Event Edge/Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch v John Cena/Triple H/Shawn Michaels

Somewhat stronger babyface side but they were all involved in big matches last night. Big brawl to start and the heels all bail. Cena finds himself picked off to start with and Cade chops away at him. Cena with a flying shoulderblock and the Protobomb. Crowd boos. Edge can't see him. Five Knuckle Shuffle scores. Cade runs into the FU but gets out and slams him. Shawn gets a tag and he gets booed all to hell as well because he screwed Bret. Cade & Murdoch do a double team where Murdoch boots Shawn in the face. Edge in and he hits a dropkick. Murdoch in to clubber away. "You ain't nuthin Shawn" Murdoch. Now there's genuine "HBK" chanting and support. This crowd can't make it's mind up. Cade tags in with a neckbreaker for 2. Edge in with a snapmare and a chinlock. Murdoch in with a big elbow and the heels have controlled for a good long time here. Shawn tries to force his way into the corner for a tag and he backdrops Murdoch in the process. Cade comes in but Shawn clocks him with an Enzuigiri. HHH gets the hot tag and cleans house. High knee for Murdoch, facebuster for Edge and a clothesline. He goes for the Pedigree but Cade saves with a lariat. Cena takes him down. Edge has a chair though only for HHH to hit him with a spinebuster. Now Murdoch has the chair but Shawn takes it off him and blasts him with it for the DQ. Lame. Edge/Cade/Murdoch win on DQ after Shawn Michaels used a chair.

POST MATCH Edge finds himself 3 on 1. Superkick and Pedigree follow. DX and Cena crotch chop to finish the show.