According to reports, TNA announcer Mike Tenay pushed hard to find out what TNA’s big surprise was in a production meeting the afternoon of the No Surrender PPV. Tenay wanted to find out ahead of time so he wouldn’t risk his credibility by overhyping the surprise on TV. Instead, TNA officials gave Tenay no hints and told him to do as he was asked and push the surprise as an “industry-changing announcement.” Tenay was among several within TNA normally “in the know” who were not told about the surprise and felt hurt that they couldn’t be trusted with the news.

On a related note, many TNA wrestlers were said to be offended that they weren’t old about the Kurt Angle surprise. However, once the video package aired at the end of the PPV, many wrestlers reportedly got over it quickly and were excited.

TNA President Dixie Carter hasn’t attended TV tapings as often as she used to. Carter, who is now caring for two young children, was at the No Surrender PPV last Sunday, but went home instead of staying for the TV tapings the next day.

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