Boogeyman’s Firing, Trish’s Wedding Video, WM23, Heart Throbs, More

The Boogeyman (Marty Wright) was let go after being caught in a web of lies due to injuries. He claimed he saw a doctor when he didn’t and there were other things as well. Didn’t he lie about his age on “Tough Enough?”

Jim “Warrior” Hellwig and musician Michael Tumbarello are both suing THQ regarding the video game Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. Warrior is claiming trademark infringement, and Tumbarello’s “King of the Mat” track was used without permission.

WWE will likely configure Detroit’s Ford Field for 78,000 seats for Wrestlemania 23.

Former WWE wrestlers John “Romeo” Roselli and Antonio Thomas will be appearing together on the Food Network on 11/8. Also, Romeo will be a special guest chef on Good Morning America on Tuesday for National Italian Pizza month.

Video cameras were on hand at Trish Stratus’ wedding yesterday as footage will air on an upcoming episode of MTV Canada’s Diary show. The program will showcase footage from her wedding, not to mention behind-the-scenes of footage of Trish getting ready for her wedding. No air date has been scheduled yet, but it should be on in time for November sweeps.

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