Eric Bischoff Update, Trish's New Deal, Kanyon Comes Out, More

Eric Bischoff has posted a new blog entry on his new official website He did this blog to clarify a few things he's seen online regarding his past decisions and his new book. One person who got an advanced copy of his new book said that a photo of Sherri Martel identified her as Missy Hyatt. Bischoff posted, "While Im in my myth busting frame of mind, I want to address a critique of my book that I found on another site. While the writer was generally complimentary, he did point out that there were some typos. The most serious one is a photo that identifies Sherri Martel as Missy Hyatt. Although I did not edit this book (Simon and Shuster did) I want to apologize to Sherri. I cant think of a bigger insult to Sherri than for someone to confuse her with Missy Hyatt." Also, you can submit a question or comment for Eric which might be posted on the site. Some people are saying that he has actually e-mailed them back with responses to their questions.

This past Wednesday, former WWE & WCW wrestler Chris Kanyon spoke out in front of 200 Northern Kentucky University students as part of "National Coming Out Day."

Former WWE talent, Ivory had been on an independent wrestling promotion tour with fellow former WWE star, Molly Holly. The two traveled in Molly Holly's tour van across country and dubbed it the "Wedding Tour" because it was to end up with them attending Trish Stratus' wedding. Ivory had planned on taking some photos of the wedding for her myspace site, but it then became known that Trish Stratus had already signed a deal with MTV for exclusive rights to her wedding footage.

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