WWE.com has an article on 20-year-old wrestler Harry Smith, son of the late British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. In the article, Smith talks about the pain he has had to endure through the years, not to mention his own wrestling career. He also still talks to Bret Hart regularly - who is the brother of his mother Diana Hart. "I still talk to Bret on a regular basis. In no way shape or form is he against [my signing with WWE] at all. He's definitely positive and all the way supportive of me coming here. I call him and we discuss how my matches have been going on the road." Furthermore, no timetable has been given for his callup to television, though you'd have to think that it is on the horizon what with this article. Smith appeared at several house shows over the summer, but was taken off the road for the most part in early September. The reason cited was that creative had nothing for him. Smith has since wrestled on the 10/1 and 10/14 RAW brand house shows.

Claudio Castagnoli looked good in his Deep South (WWE developmental) tryout last week, and there is interest in Chris Hero as well after WWE got a tape of one of his matches in the UK.