JBL giving notice appears to have been a negotiating ploy. In agreeing to stay, JBL will now be able to use the corporate jet after the weekly Smackdown tapings, thus only having to miss one day of work per week in her full-time job as an investment banker.

From Brian Batson: Notes from the Springfield, MO Raw house show. Highlanders defeated Spirit Squad with a clean finish .. DX was represented by Triple H and Ric Flair (No Shawn Michaels) .. DX was “ordered” to do a 2-match gauntlet .. Lita (Trish’s wedding)was not in attendance .. Cena’s left arm was heavily taped .. Main event featured two ref bumps.

In a recent interview, Hulk Hogan stated that Vince McMahon is committed to promoting Brooke’s album, despite it not being a WWE project.

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