Kanyon Update, Vince McMahon, & More WWE Notes

Chris Kanyon made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show this morning. According to reports from the show, Kanyon was described as a solid guest and came off very intelligent on the program. During the show, Kanyon brought up his release from World Wrestling Entertainment and they even attempted to get Vince McMahon on the air to discuss his claims that he was fired because he was gay. McMahon reportedly wasn't in his office when calls were made. Overall, it appears Kanyon was a hit on the show based on those who tuned in. Kanyon apparently was a big fan of the show and was aware of everything that goes on. He even brought gifts and Stern was overheard saying that Kanyon came off as a great guest.

WWE.com has changed the start time for Byte This tomorrow with Vince McMahon back to Noon ET. The time had been listed as starting at 2pm ET earlier this week.

TVWeek.com has an article up looking at the possibility of NBC-Universal channels, WWE in particular, being broadcast in High Definition. One interesting quote comes from USA President Bonnie Hammer adding, "The WWE is wonderful, it's gymnastic, it's physical. If shooting in HD, how much more will you see? Will you see so much it will in some ways take away from the magic?"

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