Male WWE Stripper, Big Hogan Interview, & More News


Here are the October matches for the WWE 24/7 online service: Monster Truck Sumo Match from 1995 WCW Halloween Havoc, Bret Hart & British Bulldog vs. Vader & Patriot from 1997 WWE In Your House, Triple H vs. Bret Hart from Oct. 6th, 1997 WWE RAW, Jake Roberts vs. Jerry Lawler from Oct. 14th, 1996 WWE RAW, Rob Van Dam vs. Ric Flair from 2002 WWE No Mercy, Honky Tonk Man vs. Johnny B. Badd from 1994 WCW Halloween Havoc, Road Warriors vs. Skyscrappers from 1989 WCW Halloween Havoc, Sid vs. Vader from 1996 WWE In Your House, John Cena vs. Booker T from 2004 WWE No Mercy, Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall from 1998 WCW Halloween Havoc, Bret Hart vs. Isaac Yankem from Oct. 16th, 1995 WWE RAW, Avatar vs. Brian Walsh from Oct. 23, 1995 WWE RAW, Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson from Oct. 9th, 1995 WCW Nitro, Sabu vs. Mr. JL from Oct. 29th, 1995 WCW Halloween Havoc, Booker T vs. Big Show from Oct. 14th, 2002 WWE RAW, Chambers of Horror Match from 1991 WCW Halloween Havoc, Billy Kidman vs. Paul London from 2004 WWE No Mercy, Crush vs. Aldo Montoya from Oct. 28th, 1996 WWE RAW, FBI vs. Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck from 2000 ECW Anarchy Rulz, Halloween Phantom vs. Z-Man from 1991 WCW Halloween Havoc.

WWE 24/7 has added an extensive video interview with Hulk Hogan which was conducted prior to his bout with Randy Orton at the SummerSlam 2006 pay-per view. The match is included with the interview as well. has changed the name of the male stripper who has appeared on ECW and RAW the last couple of weeks from "University of Oregon supporter" to "Big Dick Johnson". As seen on RAW last night, this is one of too many attempts at lame comedy that only appeals to young children and the people who actually write it.