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As reported, the 9/28 edition of TNA iMPACT! drew a final 0.9 cable rating with a 1.9 share. That is up from the 0.8 rating last week and up from what the show has been averaging as of late. For those wondering, UFC Unleashed at 9pm drew a 1.0 cable rating, while The Ultimate Fighter 4 at 10pm drew a 1.3 cable rating.

As noted before, Spike TV intends on giving TNA several live specials over the next year and some personality profile shows as well. The early word is that these "profile shows" will be very similar to the UFC: All Access programs that focus on one or two fighters, whereas with TNA it will focus on one, two or maybe more wrestlers before a big PPV or special on Spike TV.

As of now, the plan is to have Bobby Roode hire Traci Brooks as his manager after they finish the storyline of him "interviewing" former known managers in wrestling.

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