Ric Flair Confronts Kanyon On Howard Stern Today

Adam Simmons sent this along:

Ric Flair and Kanyon Argue on Howard Stern

On the Howard Stern show this morning Chris Kanyon was in the studio. Kanyon was there to watch as Artie Lange paid up on a bet between the two. Artie bet Kanyon that the Yankees would go further into the playoffs then the Mets would. Obviously Artie lost the bet and has to make out with Blue Iris - a 70 year old porno star.

While in the studio the first time around, Kanyon talked about why he was fired from the WWE. He claims he was fired when he admitted he was gay. Ric Flair called into the studio and the two debated the subject for about 20 minutes.

Flair claims that Kanyon was released because he is just not good enough for the WWE. He said Kanyon is talented and has some charisma and is a great guy but he feels that Kanyon is making excuses as to why he was fired.

Kanyon denied Flairs allegations and asked why if he wasnt good enough why did Kanyon work in WCW for a long time while Flair was running the show. Flair said that the Kanyon today is not as good as the Kanyon of yesteryear.

Kanyon asked Flair if he was so bad and not good enough why did Flair ask Kanyon to train his son David. Flair denied that he ever asked Kanyon to train his son David Flair.

Flair went on to say that never in WWE history has someone been fired due to their sexual preferences. Kanyon disagreed and they ended their debate with a friendly exchange. Kanyon said that Flair was his hero and the greatest wrestler of all time and Flair said that Kanyon was a great guy and needed to recognize that he just wasnt good enough for the current climate of Professional Wrestling.

In a related note, Artie Lange is trying to pay anyone $10,000 to step in on his behalf to make out with 70 year old porno star Blue Iris!

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