TNA's Jackass Storyline, Senshi Upset Backstage, More

Says one TNA wrestler about the current "Jackass" storyline in the X Division, "The guys hate it. Nobody seems to like the idea at this point." The TNA fans in Orlando have even started to go against the storyline, chanting "THIS IS STUPID" at the No Surrender PPV and "NO MORE JACKASS!" at the TV tapings the following night.

Current X Division Champion Senshi (formerly Low Ki), who is known to take himself very seriously, wasn't thrilled at all when he was told a blow up doll was going to be used in the finish of his X Division Title Match against Chris Sabin at the No Surrender PPV. One TNA source says Senshi was so mad about it being involved that he attempted to dropkick it so hard that it would pop so they would have to go to the finish right away. That didn't end up happening though.

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