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TNA Wrestling and NASCAR will be well represented in the Northeast prior to TNA Wrestling’s debut in East Hartford, CT on November 11. Current TNA X- Division Champion A J Styles, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, and NASCAR driver and UWF President Hermie Sadler will appear at the New England International Auto Show at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston from 12-1 pm on Saturday November 11 prior to TNA’s live event in East Hartford. Barbara Pudney, organizer of the event that is sponsored by the Boston Globe, says wrestling and NASCAR have been big hits at the event in past years. “Professional Wrestling and NASCAR have a huge following here in the Northeast, and we are proud to have TNA Wrestling and NASCAR represented at this years event.” TNA Wrestling will return to Philadelphia, PA on November 10 and will debut at the Face-Off Indoor Arena in East Hartford, CT on November 11. Talent scheduled for these shows includes Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino, LAX, and many more stars. For more information on these TNA Live events and the New England Auto Show, visit

Here is what’s on tap for Impact this evening:

– New NWA champion Sting appears
– NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. The Naturals
– “Fight for the Right” NWA title shot tournament begins
– Jeff Jarrett interview
– Main event of Genesis announced
– First match for TNA Primetime move announced

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