WWE Hires 24 Year Old Announcer, Flair/Kanyon, More

To update you on Ric Flair confronting Kanyon on the Howard Stern Shot this morning, Flair never said that he was paid to go on the air. Gary said that he called WWE and asked for someone from WWE to come on the show and with Vince and Triple H in Japan, Flair seemed like a good option. Flair told Kanyon that he no longer had it and he should not blame his release from WWE as a result of coming out of the closet. Kanyon asked Flair if he asked him to train his son David Flair, where Flair responded no. Kanyon told Flair that was a lie. It should be noted that this was all done in a very calm manner with no actual animosity.

According to an article by The Monroe, PA Times Express, WWE has hired 24 year old local broadcaster Jack Korpela. Apparently he will be an on air talent, most likely as an announcer. Korpela told the newspaper, "Even people that don't watch pro wrestling have to respect what (WWE owner) Vince McMahon and his family have done. He rescued a company that was almost out of business.

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