WWE Spectacular Awards, Gunner Scott To ROH, Vince, More

Walmart is advertising something called "WWE Spectacular Awards", which will be released next month on DVD.

Ring of Honor will be giving former WWE stars Brent (Gunner Scott) Albright and Tank Toland (Chad Dick) a look next week in Dayton, Ohio since both are from the Louisville, Kentucky area.

WWE is selling a special Vince McMahon set featuring his DVD, a T-shirt, and a signed plaque for $99.

ComingSoon.com is projecting The Marine to pull in about $7.5 million this weekend, and to finish in 6th place. Also, boxofficereport.com is predicting the movie to take in $8 million this weekend for a fifth place finish. In comparison, See No Evil took in an estimated $4.35 million in box office sales on its opening weekend. Although, the movie cost $8 million to make whereas Cena's movie cost $15 million.

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