5 WWE Legends vs. Spirit Squad At WWE Survivor Series

The following is from WWE.com:

Former World Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad have hade their problems with the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair as of late. At Survivor Series, theyll have a heaping helping of Legend trouble, as Squad members Johnny, Kenny, Mikey and Nicky will face Flair, Dusty Rhodes and WWE Hall of Famers Rowdy Roddy Piper and Sgt. Slaughter in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Problems began when each member of the Squad tried to defeat Flair in singles action; three were unsuccessful before Kenny finally achieved the goal. However, a match was made pitting Flair and a legendary partner of the WWE fans choosing against the Squad for the World Tag Team Titles at Cyber Sunday. The options were Piper, Slaughter and Rhodes; WWE fans chose Piper, and he and the Nature Boy defeated Kenny and Mikey to claim the gold.

Despite not being chosen, Slaughter and Rhodes were firmly in Flair & Pipers corner, helping them dispatch the Squad following the match. But at Survivor Series, all four will get the chance to battle the cheerleading quintet.

The Squads fifth member, Mitch, will be lurking at ringside as always; however, the Legends team will have another one in their corner, as Flairs best friend and former Four Horsemen teammate Arn Anderson will be at ringside with them. Will experience triumph over youth once more, or will the Squad finally get it back on track against four of the all-time greats?

Check back tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for the announcement of another Survivor Series match.

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