The recently released Francine Fournier did a post today on her MySpace page ( in which she attempts to squash some rumors that have spread about her since her release. Here is her post:

LOL @ some rumors going around…

I wasn’t even going to point these out but so many of you are asking about it. There have been plenty of RUMORS as to why I no longer work for WWE. Here are a few of them:

“Apparently Francine was asked to do pre-show training with agents Steve Keirn and Fit Finlay and she wanted no part of it.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I was NEVER asked to do any training while I was there. If something needed to be done, I would of did it because I am a team player. Also, I never really got to know Fit. I would shake his hand and say hello, but that’s it. I do respect him for all he has done, especially with the women. I just never had a chance to work with him. Steve on the other hand was very helpful to me. We would discuss the angles and what they wanted from me. But neither of them asked me to train, ever. So no, this isn’t true.

“Francine was released because of her poor backstage attitude and because she wanted to be reinbursed for her tanning appointments.”

This one cracks me up. I was told that I had a great attitude backstage because I was so patient and because I didn’t complain about not being used. As for asking about being reinbursed, I NEVER asked for anything to be taking care of. I knew that wasn’t part of the deal, so why would I ask for it? Another false rumor.

Why some wrestling websites post false stories is beyond me. Nine times out of ten you are all reading something that isn’t true. Ah, freedom of speech. Sometimes it good, sometimes it’s just untrue.

I want you all to know that I am the happiest I’ve ever been now. I can’t say how much longer I will be involved in wrestling, but whatever I decide, I will be sure to post it here first. Love you all 🙂


Also, Missy Hyatt posted a long message regarding Francine on her official website, Hyatt wrote the message in response to people asking her if Francine will be posing for her site again since she is free from her WWE obligations due to her recent release. She won’t be returning to the site because the two former friends had some sort of personal falling out at around the time Francine signed on with WWE back in May. Here is Hyatt’s post:

Francine will absolutely not be returning to the site

I don’t like to say bad things about people. I believe Francine was my friend and it wasn’t until she said she was going to WWE that it changed. Thats when I found out how selfish she really was. It hurt my feelings, since I never had many “girls” as friends. I believe she was my friend.

1. Francine knew she was going to WWE sooner than when she told us.

2. Francine was not truthful on the two photo shoots about how many videos were in the can.

3. Francine removed all of the old videos from my house and asked DJ to send her all of the videos.

4. She did not tell the truth to the photographer. She threatened the photographer legally for all of the pics done for the web site.

5. She was not truthful to Paul heyman and WWE about who owned this web site and her contract status. she never gave me 30 day notice, while she was already a WWE employee. Francince still insisted on being paid by me, despite not contributing any new pics or doing any chats.

6. Francine was not truthful to WWE legal about her contract. WWE legal was mislead that we were using WWE content of Francine. Which resulted in me showing WWE legal proof of Francine’s checks and contract. Paul Heyman said if Francine was paid, than i own all rights to pics and videos.

7. WWE did not like Francine’s look. She was hardly ever on their TV.

8. I have the strongest feeling that she will try to blaims]this web site and I on her being fired by WWE.

9. I thought she was my friend. I think she is pretty and talented. Its WWE’s loss. My feelings are hurt. I was mislead by her. She stayed in my home. We talked on the phone. I cried to her about girll things. I confided in her. She listened when I was mad or crying. Unfortunantly it was all a work. she did not care about me. I would always get her bookings. When I have a friend, I defend them. Unfortunantly she screwed me over and it hurts.

I have not had a lot of “girls” as friends. My ex business partner broke Tammy and I for some time. Tammy was the closest female friend ever in my life. We are still friends, but it hurts that it will never be the same. Tammy never stole from me or lied to me.

I hope Francine finds and gets what she deserves in life. But I don’t feel sorry about her WWE firing. What comes around, goes around.