Guerrero/WWE, Cena, 2 Cold Scorpio, & More

The October 21 Eddy Guerrero golf tournament was held in Tampa, FL. This was an event in which all of the proceeds went to the Riverview Boys and Girls Club and the Eddy Guerrero Memorial fund for Eddys daughters. Despite WWE using Eddy Guerreros name in storylines, they didnt even publicize or acknowledge the event, nor allowed any of its talent to participate in the tournament. The only WWE presence was Chavo Guerrero Jr. signing autographs the day before the outing.

The domestic total as of October 31 for John Cenas The Marine movie is $15,668,541. The Box Office Mojo readers are giving this movie a "C" grade, based on 36.5% voting "A," 10.6% voted "B," 9.6% voting "C," 6.7% voting "D," and 36.5% voted "F."

Kevin Von Erich is moving his family to Hawaii. Kevin convinced his 73 year old mother Doris Adkisson to move with his family to Kauai in early 2007. No word on how much WWE paid to obtain the World Class video library, but the company paid around $1.5 million to acquire the World Class and Stampede Wrestling video libraries.

2 Cold Scorpio returns to WWE as Flash Funk on the Smackdown roster.

On Friday, Mick Foley will be appearing at the New Mexico Scorpions evening game in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

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