Next Week On RAW: Revenge on Rated-RKO?


Heads may roll when Raw invades North Charleston, S.C. this week.

Rated-RKO runs rampant
When DX left the Mellon Arena following their match last week, Rated-RKO came out to play. In a disgusting display, Edge & Randy Orton decimated Ric Flair and left him a bloody mess, yelling that DX would not save Flair because they didn t care about him. Later, they also destroyed the Hardys after their World Tag Team Championship match. Will DX have something to say to the World Tag Team Champions when they return to Raw this week?

One night only
Johnny Nitro accepted Team Extreme s open challenge for December to Dismember, and he and former partner Joey Mercury will reunite for one night only to face Matt & Jeff Hardy this Sunday. Will the Hardys be able to conquer MNM on ECW turf?

Champ vs. Bulldozer
Last week, Umaga challenged John Cena to a WWE Championship match, a challenge that The Champ quickly accepted. He looked ready to go right then and there, but Armando Alejandro Estrada kept Umaga from going after Cena, saying the match would happen when they want it to. Will we find out exactly when that will be?

Find out all this and more on Raw, live Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.