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Due to the lack of depth on the ECW roster, WWE probably isn’t too keen on doing ECW-specific PPVs for much longer. To show you the lack of depth on the ECW roster, WWE hasn’t even booked a single undercard match for the upcoming December to Dismember pay-per-view – and it’s only two weeks away. The future ECW pay-per-views after this one will more than likely be spiced up by talent from both RAW and SmackDown – more so than usual. The next ECW PPV event after December to Dismember is scheduled to take place in June. Furthermore, the idea that the ECW Champion has to draw doesn’t really matter anymore because he’ll be working on either RAW or SmackDown live events for the time being. Because the champion doesn’t have to draw, WWE probably won’t be as hesitant to give the belt to certain people who probably wouldn’t get it otherwise.

Bobby Lashley is now officially a member of ECW. His profile on has been moved from the SmackDown section to the ECW section.

In this month’s edition of “The Styles Files” on, Joey Styles looks back at his earlier days in ECW with a pre-WWE Chris Benoit and Tazz.