TNA News On Angle, Bentley, Eckstein, Dutt, & More

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Olympic gold medallist and TNA star Kurt Angle is on the cover of the new Pro Wrestling Illustrated, now on sale at newsstands everywhere! To visit PWI online, go to

Matt Bentley was thrilled to see World Series MVP David Eckstein make an appearance on the prime-time debut of Thursday Night iMPACT! "It was awesome seeing him on the show," said Bentley, one of TNA's biggest baseball fans. "David is a lot like TNA's X-Division. He proves that it's not about size or strength, but how much heart you put into your performance." Bentley said he wants to go to St. Louis next season for a Cardinals' game or two, and hopefully get the chance to take batting practice. "I'll go yard at least once," he predicted.

Sonjay Dutt praised the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. "It was the greatest movie I've ever seen," he said. Dutt is a regular movie-goer, but doesn't go for the standard over-priced popcorn and soft drink. Instead, he admits he often sneaks a Subway sandwich (turkey on wheat bread with extra honey-mustard dressing) into the theatre in his girlfriend's purse. Eating-out is commonplace for Dutt. "My cooking skills aren't up to par," he said, laughing.

One of the common backstage games played at TNA is, The Name Game, where old-time baseball players, usually from the 1970s and 1980s, are remembered. During a production meeting Nov. 20, Don West was seen passing notes to Vince Russo, and Russo would then pass it back to West. The paper had baseballers such as Ken Kravec, Diego Segui and others. Regulars on The Name Game wars include West, Russo, Mike Tenay, Simon Diamond, Jeremy Borash, Bill Banks and yours truly. Can you place Harry Chappas?

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