Another Update On Severe Injury To Joey Mercury

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According to WWE Dr. Ferdinand Rios, MNM tag team member Joey Mercury suffered what seems to be a broken nose in Armageddon's Ladder Match with London & Kendrick, MNM, the Hardys and William Regal & Dave Taylor.


Mercury was rushed to the hospital after one of the ladders smashed him in the face and caused his nose to pour blood. He is currently undergoing a CT scan, as a surgeon awaits on standby.

"I can't give a prognosis because Mercury could have shattered his frontal bone," said Rios prior to the CT scan. "Hopefully there isn't any problem in his brain; that blow was so significant there could be some damage and we just couldn't tell without the CT scan."

Dr. Rios continued to say that without any complications, Mercury may need plastic surgery and two months to recover before returning to WWE action.

According to sources, Mercury is in good spirits. will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.