Backstage TNA News & Notes From Monday?s Tapings

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Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin went to D?sseldorf, Germany in mid-December, though Dutt admits he almost missed the show after getting lost at the airport in Paris, France, en route to his flight connection from Washington, D.C.

While in Germany, the two attended an autograph signing and even visited a Christmas market. Plus, Dutt had his first beer in, oh, about three years. Chris wouldn t let me off the hook; he insisted I have one.

Dutt said he s expecting clothing for Christmas, including some jeans to replace his favorite pair, which has several large holes in them. My girlfriend, Ashley, gets ticked off every time I wear them, though I try to tell her that (the holes) are part of the in style, he said.

Dutt opted for a fake Christmas tree this year because a real would, is too much of a mess, he said. Dutt, mind you, is borderline obsessive-compulsive when it comes to cleanliness.

Dutt said he s giving his girlfriend a pet monkey and a pet snake for Christmas. I m gonna put them in her room, he said. I really hope she loves them.

David Eckstein has said in multiple interviews that Rhino is his favorite TNA star, which obviously is an honor, Rhino said.

When the St. Louis Cardinals were in Detroit this summer, the two talked before a game and Eckstein brought Rhino on the field at Comerica Park. He also gave Rhino some St. Louis t-shirts, and an autographed baseball and a bat. Rhino brought the bat later this summer to Dyersville, Iowa, site of the hit 1990s movie Field of Dreams.

Rhino took a few cuts with the Eckstein model bat at the Field of Dreams.

Rhino reported he s winterized his boat for the season. He owns a 35-foot, double-cabin Chris Craft. I was told at a very young age to get into boating. I have long been told that, A boat is like a woman; it responds to the touch.

Rhino usually has an abundance of lawn decorations at his Detroit-area home for Christmas, but not as many this year.

AJ Styles is very excited for Christmas and also for Christmas eve, which is his wife s birthday.

I always get a cake that says Happy Birthday Wendy & Jesus.

Styles said he wants a top-notch basketball hoop for Christmas. I m not great yet at basketball, but could be with enough practice, he said.

And what about the hoops height dis-advantage?

I d go for the outside shots, he said.

Wildcat Chris Harris celebrates his 33rd birthday on Christmas Day.

I get screwed on presents every year, he said, laughing.

Harris will be spending his birthday with family and friends. His favorite birthday was his 30th, when he was shocked with a surprise party. Harris has an annual New Year s eve party that has been ongoing for about 10 years.

Mike Tenay arrived in Orlando this past week with Christmas cookies, courtesy of his wife. The magic bars were more popular than the traditional powdered sugar balls.

Senshi will be in Toronto for New Years for the third consecutive year, hanging with friends and, getting away from the stress of New York City.

So, Senshi, what do you want for Christmas?

I m not a person who wants a lot of stuff, he said.

Gail Kim is going back to Canada for Christmas. Ms. Traci Brooks, too. Both will be eating a lot, they said. Especially, a lot of meat, Kim said.

Kim is a hamburger connoisseur such at, if not in pro wrestling, she d like to be a hamburger critic. Her favorite burgers are the Big Irish from Bennigan s and from Licks in Canada. She eats her burgers with everything on them except cheese and mayonnaise.

In fact, she doesn t eat cheese at all. That includes cheese-less pizza. It s so good, she said.

Kim will do cooking for the holidays, including food she doesn t even eat, such as, macaroni and cheese.

As for Ms. Brooks, she ll eat ham direct from a pig on her family farm.

In fact, Ms. Brooks often was given pigs for Christmas. She s sold them, making up to $1,000 each.

I m really looking forward to a fresh piece of meat.

Brooks and Kim trained together in Canada about seven years ago and they will be back in a Canadian ring together over the holidays.