Big WSX Update, Tons Of New WWE Talent, DiBiase Ticked, More

Milena Roucka is now appearing on OVW shows as a heel manager. A guy named Mike Tollard is billed as an All-American from Penn State. Cherry was temporarily switched from managing the 50's style "Greasers" team of Deuce and Domino to being a babyface with Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears. However, she turned heel on them and is managing Deuce and Domino again. They may be getting called up soon.


Several OVW (and DSW) talents will be sent on the road with WWE for house show evaluations after the holidays. They'll work out with agents before the show, and if they do well, maybe they'll get to appear on a card. Shantelle Taylor is one person in particular who will be getting a tryout.

As reported earlier, the Wrestling Society X promotion debuts on MTV on Tuesday, January 30th at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time. The show will go head-to-head with the second half of ECW on Sci-Fi. However, the show will be replayed several times per week, usually in later time slots. Furthermore, there were some interesting things coming out of the tapings that took place last month. MTV wouldn't allow blows to the head with objects. Chairs to the head were deemed illegal by standards and practices, but they had things like a wrestler getting tombstoned onto an exploding coffin. MTV also came up with some strange ideas for the show, such as a fake electrocution and a guy falling into wet cement. Also, Teddy Hart was said to be a standout performer at the tapings.


Ted DiBiase recently spoke at Praise Tabernacle in North Massapequa, NY. He said that after he spent 18 months in WWE as a road agent, they didn't use any of his ideas and he was miserable for the most part while there. Nonetheless, he said that he still loves the wrestling business.

Tammy Sytch was recently appointed to be the new commissioner of the New Jersey-based NWA Shockwave promotion,