Errors On Hogan?s New Website, Royal Rumble, More

Peter Koebel sent me the following: I checked out the website you reported about yesterday and on the bottom of the front page there is a link to "20 things you didn't know about" Hulk Hogan and not only are many of them are misleading and/or wrong, but some are things that are somewhat 'common knowledge'. Like number 1, mentions "WCW" honcho Vince McMahon. Number 20, also mistakes WCW for WWE. As well as in numbers 1 and 6, they are referring to Vince Sr, but don't make that distinction, which would lead some to beileve they are talking about Vince Jr. Also many of them are worded poorly and make jumps in the flow of info they are giving. Even the main title at the top "world #1 wrestler website" sounds like bad grammar and should be something like: #1 wrestler website in the world.

The Stro sent me the following: Stro formerly the Maestro of WCW has released his new column. In his new column he discusses the passing of "The Godfather of Soul" James Brown, the latest "Rocky Balboa" movie, and other upcoming 2007 events. You can go read it by clicking here.

Also as a reminder, WWE has released the official Royal Rumble promotional poster which will air live on pay-per-view on January 28th.