Flair's Return To RAW, Snoop Dogg/RAW, Shannon Moore, & More

The Calgary Sun has an article up about Bottoms Up Sports Pub in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (where our good friends over at Wrestle Talk Radio broadcast live from) and how the pub owner, Spencer Tapley, has chosen to no longer show WWE pay per view events due to low attendance and no interest. WWE PPV events normally cost the pub between $600 to $1000 a year and a decision was made to stop spending money on them. Despite this decision, the pub will still show TNA and MMA PPV events.

XtremeFalls43 sent this in: After the rumors of Shannon Moore being away to set up a tattoo shop, I guess this might confirm it as he just posted this as a Myspace Bulletin. "Just wanted to let everyone know that my Tattoo Studio is up and going. Feel free to check us out on the web or stop by to check out the studio in person. GasChamberInk – 910-246-0100 – www.gaschamberink.com."

Ric Flair may be returning to RAW during the 12/18 three-hour show in Washington D.C. His divorce proceedings are expected to end next Friday. If he doesn't return during the 12/18 RAW, he'll probably return during the 1/1 show in Miami.

Yesterday, WWE filmed a commercial in which celebrities talk about how they are fans of RAW. Celebrities at the shoot included Snoop Dog with his son and he did The People's Elbow. Former Diva Search contestant Leyla, now of "Deal or No Deal", was there and did a take off of Carlito. Jackass' Steve O and Reno 911's Nicey Nash. The commercial is scheduled to air in the middle of January.

Michelle McCool, who was recently hospitalized for an enlarged kidney, has opened up a MySpace page at myspace.com/michellemccool_net. This page is run between a fan and her.