Huge Rob Van Dam Update - In The Doghouse, TNA?, More

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

Rob Van Dam is said to be in the "dog house" with WWE at the moment for not going to Iraq for the "Tribute to the Troops" event this year. The story making the rounds is that WWE is more upset with RVD about the way he turned down the invite then simply not going. According to reports, Vince McMahon made it very clear that he considers going to Iraq "optional", but that if you don't accept an invite, you are expected to explain what a great opportunity it would be and then thank Vince for the offer and "gently" turn him down for whatever reason. As you can guess, Rob Van Dam was said to be very blunt about his answer and didn't show any appreciation for the offer. In turn, McMahon reportedly resented that and saw it as attitude. According to many sources, RVD is well known for never giving in to the "ass kissing" in WWE, a courtesy many extend towards Vince and Stephanie McMahon and when they don't get it, they see it as attitude.

Speaking of Rob Van Dam, many have stated that his chances of jumping to TNA are very likely at this point in his career. RVD's deal with WWE expires early next year and he is said to be very open to leaving. One source has stated that RVD is quote "fed up" with the mind games and politics in WWE. Plus, with Paul Heyman being removed from the ECW creative team, he has lost confidence in the new brand and could easily see his character be taken in a different direction by Vince McMahon and David Lagana. It should also be noted that Sabu could end up leaving WWE as well and return to TNA if they were open to taking him back. It is believed that Sabu signed a standard two-year deal, with an option to cancel the deal at any time. Of course, WWE would have to release Sabu for this to take place. One concern or scenario that some WWE sources have described was a quote "mass exodus" of WWE/ECW talent leaving the company and debuting for TNA in a short period of time next year.