Hulk Hogan/TNA News, Boogeyman, Celebrities Like RAW, More

Credit: PWInsider

WWE 24/7 are airing WWE Unforgiven 2006 this month.

The Hollywood Reporter features an article talking about how well Kane's "See No Evil" movie is doing in DVD release.

Over at features an article looking at the outrageousness of discovering the WWE's Boogeyman character.


On yesterday s Bubba The Love Sponge Show, Bubba said that he heard through Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan that TNA owner Dixie Carter was looking to go all out and offer Hulk Hogan a job as a booker and wrestler, including Hogan working the big shows.

WWE is looking to make a "Celebrities like RAW" commercial campaign where they will be getting celebrities to support WWE RAW. Their goal is to make WWE seem cool again.