Jericho/Star Wars, Bischoff Responds To Storm, More News

Antoine Henderson sent this in: While looking at the Star Wars website, they had a headline of Chris Jericho.

Eric Bischoff recently added a new blog over on his official website where he responds to Lance Storm's negative review of his new "Controversy Creates Cash" book. Here is a sample of what Bischoff had to say: "You see Lance was never a part of WCW when the company turned around in late 94 and 95. Lance was not a part of the shift in creative strategy that led to the explosion of the wrestling genre in the mid to late 90 s in either WCW or WWE. Lance certainly doesn t have any first hand experience with any of the creative, business, or strategic decisions that led to WCW virtually re creating the wrestling business as we know it to this day, For that matter, Lance wasn t even a part of WWE during the period of time that WCW forced WWE to change their brand strategy from Family Entertainment and embrace the edgier Attitude Era that proved so successful. Truth be told, Lance wasn t around when the success of WCW began to wane and WWE rebounded to dominate the Monday Night Wars in the late 90 s. Actually&Lance wasn t really a significant part of anything.

Tickets for WWE's show at The Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland on June 6th, 2007 sold out in five minutes today. A second show has been added for the 7th. now has Kenny listed as Kenny Dykstra.