Lita Available For $3,000, Big WWE Mistake, Bret Hart, Lots More

Apparently former WWE developmental talent Mac Johnson is now a singer. Johnson, who trained in Ohio Valley Wrestling, quit the business last winter. According to his profile on Myspace, he is trying his luck in another entertainment field.

Hey wrestling promoters, wanna book Amy "Lita" Dumas for an appearance at your next wrestling show? She is seeking $3,000 for the date plus transportation.

From Yankeessuck81237: My name is Ben, I was just on WWE's homepage and the new advertisement for WWE 24/7 is advertising the Brooklyn Brawler vs. Bret Hart. On a funny note, they said Bret Hart was a future Hall of Famer, but last I checked, he was just inducted in the class of 2006.

Big Vision Entertainment has released a DVD covering the early career of ECW s CM Punk. It's available at Best Buy stores.

This past Thursday, Hulk Hogan was interviewed on a local radio station in Sydney. The interview was mainly about Hogan Knows Best however a few of the questions were wrestling related. Hogan spoke about the Montreal Screwjob and how he wants 'creative control' over Brooke's career.