Live News & Notes From Last Night?s WWE Armageddon

Hey guys this is Joe White from and I was at Armageddon tonight in Richmond, VA and here is my take on things.

Kane vs. MVP in an inferno match: An OK match, the only problem was that every time they made the flames grow after a high spot, one side would go out and they had to relight. After the match they learned that the side of the ring canvas that faces the announcers was charred and the ring apron on that side wouldn't stay up. In my section there were a lot of "Power Ranger" chants directed at MVP.

WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Bryan Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz: Ladder Match: Just one word can describe this match: AWESOME. When Joey Mercury got hurt it looked like he had been shot in the face. The blood just gushed out of his face all at once, staining the canvas.

Boogeyman vs. Mike the Miz: NEXT MATCH.

WWE United States champion Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero: The only thing I can really say about this match is that the crowd loved Benoit and they went nuts when he his those 9 Germans on Chavo, but other than that they treated it as if it were a basic match.

WWE Cruiserweight champion Gregory Helms vs. Jimmy Wang Yang: The crowd was dead for this one, I guess because everybody was burned out by this time. But on the other hand, Jimmy Yang is super over. Even though the crowd was dead for the most part there still were some "Let's go Redneck" chants in my section.

Ken Kennedy vs. The Undertaker: Last Ride Match: Good match live. The crowd loved the high spot off the set, and of course you got a "Holy S*%$" chant out of it. I really like the spot where Kennedy was in the hearse and Taker did the old sit up bit.

Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest: Leyla El vs. Jillian Hall vs. Kristal Marshall vs. Ashley: zzzz.....zzzz...... LET'S BRING OUT THE FAT OILY GUY...zzzz......zzzzz........zzzz....

WWE champion John Cena & WWE World champion Batista vs. Finlay and King Booker: Nothing special here. I don't see why this match even matters in the grand scheme of things, but it was nice to actually hear about half the building boo Cena.

All in all it was worth the money just to see that awesome ladder match and I would recommend buying it on DVD or getting the replay.