Michelle McCool's Health, Stacy, Major WWE Star Coming Soon?

After nearly a month, SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool is still recovering from an illness that stemmed from an enlarged kidney and a fractured sternum. "I'm off medication and starting to do more activities every day. The doctors have increased my fluid intake, which was at one point restricted, and I'm going to have checkups from here on out. I'm going to walk a few miles today and see how that feels," said McCool. She also added, "I'm getting better, but the speed of my recovery depends on my body. I'm [mentally] ready to come back. I'm not a patient person and sitting around the house waiting to get back to WWE does me no good."

Chris Rombola, a 6-5, 240 pounder muscular wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling is getting good reviews so far and is seen by the WWE front office as a potential standout worth keeping an eye on. He started in Deep South Wrestling and was promoted to OVW a few months ago.

Former WWE diva Stacy Keibler is on the front cover of FitnessRX magazine