Mickie James Earns College Degree, Laurinaitis/WWE, Cryme Time, & More

Mickie James recently earned her Associate of Arts Degree of Business Administration and plans to begin studying in February for her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management. James did this so she'd have something to fall back on if she couldn't continue her WWE career. James said, "I felt like I needed to do this, and I wanted something to fall back on. You never know if I got hurt or something like that where would I go from there? I set myself up so I'm prepared, no matter what." James takes classes online, signing on in the evening or when she has free time, at least once a day.

On Tuesday, WWE VP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis sold approximately 1,900 shares of WWE Class A common stock at a price range of $17.05-$17.09 for an approximate value of $32,000. Laurinaitis was able to lock in the higher-than-market-value sales price through the company's employee stock purchase plan that allows officers such as Laurinaitis the ability to exercise stock options at a price above the going rate.

On WWE.com, there is an audio file of Cryme Tyme giving a local news reporter some holiday shopping tips. The reporter asked Cryme Tyme who was on their list, and they named a bunch of people. They specifically named Jerry Lawler. Cryme Tyme, in a joking manner, said that they had to give him his laptop back because it had a lot of kiddie porn on it, and thus they didn't want it.