More New RAW Talent?, WrestleMania Tour, & More News

There is also an article up on WWE's website listing the talent that will be taking part in tryouts for the company before the December 28 Raw House Show in New Jersey.

The following was issued on District Court Cottbus in Germany today ruled that the video game "WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006" played no role in the homicide of a homeless man, as the defendant claimed in a last ditch effort to reduce his sentence. The court also ruled that the claim could not be used to justify the crime. WWE is pleased the court saw through the last gasp attempt to lay blame for the murder of this homeless man on playing a video game. Steffen G., a 19-year-old with a history of alcoholism and violence, beat the homeless man and left him to die after consuming 1 bottle of beer, 2 bottles of wine, and 1 bottle of chocolate liqueur and displaying violent behavior. The court called it like it was.

D.Flynn sent this in: WWE have completely sold-out their Raw presented Wrestlemania Revenge Tour scheduled for The Point in Dublin, Ireland in June 2007. Unconfirmed reports suggest they may announce a second night. The original show will be taking place on a Wednesday night, and will not be taped. Stars such as John Cena, Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Edge have all been advertised to appear; *Note*: no Shawn Michaels..??

DCBodyguard94 sent this in: I thought it was interesting to note WWE has started posting signs saying, "ALL Unauthorized video and streaming prohibited. This includes streaming via cellphone. Any violation will be subject to ejection from the arena."