More On Hardy's & MNM Futures, Haas/Gayda, & More have also posted congratulations to Charlie and Jackie. Congratulations are in order for Raw Superstar Charlie Haas and his wife Jackie. On Dec. 14 at 3:01 a.m., the Haas family welcomed 6-pound 7-ounce, 19.5-inch Kayla Jacquelyn Haas as the newest member of their household. It s was a miracle watching her being born; it was the best feeling in the world, an ecstatic Haas said.

Vince McMahon was recently going back and forth on whether MNM would be brought together as a team. The feeling by the creative team and agents is that Johnny Nitro has singles potential and has come a long way in terms of in-ring skills and personality. Furthermore, a singles star always take precedence over a tag team. Considering that Joey Mercury wrestled in a singles match at Tuesday's SmackDown taping, it looks like a MNM reunion is off the cards.

Despite the potential for big things with the Hardys, WWE management also feels the same way with Jeff Hardy as they do with Johnny Nitro, which is why he is working single matches again. Matt Hardy worked a singles match at Tuesday's SmackDown taping, and thus a Hardys reunion is temporarily off the cards. Nonetheless, the Hardys will likely be reunited again, if not soon, then at WrestleMania.