More On Heyman's Departure & December To Dismember

Credit: PWTorch Newsletter

As previously reported on, Paul Heyman was sent packing by Vince McMahon on Monday afternoon, the day after ECW s generally poorly received December To Dismember hit the airwaves.

The long-time creative force and face of ECW was technically the head writer of ECW, but like all of his peers he answered to and was edited by Vince McMahon. McMahon was always either somewhat or heavily editing Heyman s scripts for ECW TV. The PPV on Sunday was said to be a collaborative effort, however it was heavily edited by McMahon even more than usual.

Several wrestlers were aware of Heyman s original plans for the Elimination Chamber match, but by match time, they were given different plans from McMahon. McMahon made several changes late in the game, including Sabu being removed from the match, as well as CM Punk and RVD being eliminated so early. The reasoning behind this was so that people would be forced to cheer for Lashley.

While McMahon appeared to be satisfied with the results of the event at the end of the night, by the next day he was said to have realized how bad it was and that s when the blame game begun. After a backstage meeting lead by Vince and Stephanie Mcmahon, Heyman left the arena without saying goodbye or announcing what happened to anyone. He immediately went to the airport and flew home.