More On TNA Star Leaving, Backstage News On Letisha, More

As noted last night, it looks like Andy Douglas is done with TNA. At the very least, The Naturals are not going to be used anymore as a tag team. The feeling is that they gave them chance after chance but they never showed fire or personality.

TNA's new interview girl Letisha (real name Leticia Cline), was not someone from Spike TV, but rather, she was a TNA acquisition. Jesse Ward, who works backstage in production, found her. Letisha is 28 years old, and according to her official website, a "Professional Model For Hire." Letisha has an extensive resume as she has appeared in several magazines (including Maxim), print ads and commercials. She also once hosted a show on the Speed Network. Furthermore, Jeremy Borash was said to be unhappy that she got the job because at first it seemed Letisha was replacing him on the broadcasts, but now it looks like they'll be sharing the backstage interviewing duties. Some people were surprised that Jeff Jarrett didn't stand up for Borash in the move. Apparently, they were close during the WCW days, but they had a falling out later.

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